Getting Started
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First things first. The model number of your appliance is the KEY! Finding your model number is easy. It will be on the sticker with all the manufacturers information stuck right to your appliance. (See images below.)

The Serial Number is not needed to find parts, it is used solely for your own records. Once you have your model number, you can start browsing.

Most parts have their own part number printed right on them. Be aware that some parts have  a lot of different numbers printed on them. So the question then becomes, how do we find the right number?

You can simply open another window and search Google to compare those numbers until you are convinced you have found the right one. Then come back here to our Home  page search bar, and put in the part number to see in-stock-availability. For confirmation, it’s a good idea to once again use your model number to search for part numbers.

If Google searches don’t seem to be working, we have had great luck with new appliance parts outlets like, (link below),, and so on. They have the manufacture’s supplied complete appliance diagram “breakdowns”,  that can help you find the right part number. Same idea here, use your model number in their search bar.

Please do not order a part just because it looks similar to what is currently in your machine. Appliance parts look the same, but they are not the same. Wiring, function, fit etc. could be different, and thus make the part unusable. Each part has an individual part number that is model specific. So please be certain that the part you are ordering, is the one you need.

Whew! O.K., we know that is a lot of info, but if you are willing to do those few easy time saving steps, then we can help you save up to 75% off the cost of new parts!


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